The Siren’s Song: Wodehouse & Kern on Broadway


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The Programme

soprano Maria Jette

Dan Chouinard, piano & vocals

Miss Springtime (1916)

All Full of Talk

Have a Heart (1917)

Honeymoon Inn

Polly Believed in Preparedness

Have a Heart


Bright Lights

Oh Boy! (1917)

An Old-Fashioned Wife

We’re Going to be Pals

Ain’t It a Grand and Glorious Feeling

Leave it to Jane (1917)

Poor Prune

The Siren’s Song

The Sun Shines Brighter

The Riviera Girl (1917)

Bungalow in Quogue

Miss 1917 (1917)

The Picture I Want to See

I’m the Old Man in the Moon

Oh Lady! Lady!! (1918)

Moon Song (Richard Kriehn, mandolin)

Our Little Nest (Richard Kriehn, violin)


Sally (1920)

Joan of Arc (You Can’t Keep a Good Girl Down)

The Church ’Round the Corner

Sitting Pretty (1924)

Days Gone By

Here’s a live performance of  Bright Lights: we flogged it on A Prairie Home Companion on Saturday, April 12, 2014;

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